Monday, August 3, 2015

Beautiful Boy

This morning, Daniel came running into our bed at about 4 am.

He lost a tooth last evening.

The toothfairy didn't even enter my mind.

All I could think of was that this sweet cuddly boy was crawling up the center of the bed looking for some comfort after a really bad nightmare.

He was very upset.

Antonio, on the otherhand, woke up with the thought, "Oh sh$%! I've gotta play toothfairy!"

He said groggily, "Did the Toothfairy visit you?"

Daniel cried out, while burrowing deeper into the blankies, "I don't know! I had a night mare about zombie squirrels! They didn't even have pupils! It was so scary!"

Antonio got up to 'use the restroom' and I stroked Daniel's head and asked him about his nightmare.

It sounded horrible. As he expressed his little fears about the nightmare following him into our room, we told him about how Atticus guards against nightmares. (As a side note, Daniel was especially sweet to the dog this morning, giving her a little biscuit.) We told him about how we had special nightmare spray that we would spray his room with. We sang songs. And eventually, we decided to go and see if the toothfairy had indeed visited him.

She came! She brought him 5 whole dollars because it was his 5th tooth!

The excitement was cut short as he remembered his nightmare again.

He followed us back to bed. The three of us said a little prayer and asked God to bless the sad night mare that it would find happiness and turn into a sweet dream. We prayed that a beautiful rainbow would come into the nightmare and take all the zombie woodland creatures away.

While Antonio got ready for work, we laid in bed and listened to beautiful lullabies on Spotify.

I watched him finally drift off to sleep to Ben Harper's cover of "Beautiful Boy".

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