Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What's better than riding a pony? Riding a TIGER!

On Saturday, Daniel and I traveled to a magical land....

Gardner Village!

While there, we visited a magical place of animals, straw and poop! 

The Farm!


It was spectacular. 

We met so many different animals and had such a lovely time. 

And at the end of it all--he got to ride on a pony named Snowflake. 


 This is Daniel's friend McKenna and a little bunny rabbit! 

Here he is checking out his steed...Preparing psychologically...

And he's on the pony! He is ready to ride folks!
 Daniel is seen here riding his trusty steed, Snowflake. 

Ride on cowboy!

 These are other animals from The Farm.

 Here we have a beautiful white horse. We call her Gwendolyn, but I'm sure it's Pamela. I can't remember. 

 This gorgeous animal is named Dakota. 

 This is a fuzzy little alpaca. He had apparently escaped earlier. Mischievous little fuzz ball. 

 I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the pig. 
She was laying on her side. She looked dead. I swear I could smell the bacon. 

Then out of the blue, she popped up on her feet and waddled over to us! 

She's so cute and hairy!! I love her!

 Daniel is loving this!

No seriously. He is LOVING this. 

 If that weren't enough, that evening, my dad and brother took us to the Valley Fair Mall where instead of riding a pony, he got to ride


Best. Day. Ever.

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