Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Comments and Seduction

I have to tell you that I absolutely love reading the comments--but I never quite know whether to respond to them or not! Sometimes I don't notice that they're there for a few days and I think about responding--then I think--how will they know the response is there? Isn't this kind of like talking to myself?

So I hesitate. But I shouldn't hesitate. I'll probably respond to comments on your blogs though--just so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself.

As for Spencer and the whole "friend" thing--we are! It's great! I've discovered in my old age that I'm really good at being friends with guys. I become neurotic and insecure when things start to go anywhere else. Do I need help? Probably. Am I completely happy with things just the way they are right now? Absolutely. I get the feeling that Spencer would suck at being more than friends anyway--and then I would have to break his heart--and then I would lose a great friend.

Someday a guy will come along who demands more from me than just friendship, and I will muddle through being in a relationship. And I will completely suck at it--as I have my whole life--but he'll know that and he'll have the patience to put up with me in that state. And then all will be well. And Spencer and I will still be friends--because I won't be torturing him--I'll be torturing the poor sap who decided that it was a good idea to have a relationship with a neurotic twit like me!

In the meantime--in an effort to feel as though I'm moving towards a more permanent relationship--I am trying to become more seductive and mysterious. I'm getting really good at it. All the men want me. I'm having a hard time fighting them off. Seriously. Wow! Life is so hard when you're as seductive and mysterious as me.

Okay. That was a lie.

But someday soon it won't be a lie! (Perhaps before I'm 40.) I'm practicing my cheshire grin.

Here--take a look at my new seductive smile: Oh wait--it's at the top of the blog. Anyway--that's my new look. You like? (It isn't my friend Susan Heyward at all--it's really me!)

Well, it's me taking the picture anyway. I wish it was me. But I figure if I can take a picture like that--than I can totally become a seductive woman.

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Crystal said...

I think your friend is gorgeous, but I would not say that she is seductive... she looks innocent!