Sunday, March 9, 2008

a perfectly lovely weekend

This was a wonderful weekend. I'm feeling better, albeit my cough lingers and my voice is horrid. But I'm not feverish anymore, and I'm able to keep down my food. I've written my final exams for classes. Everyone is taken care of. Rehearsals are officially over and we're in the full swing of performances.

I decided that I would make absolutely no plans for this weekend. There was a lot of things going on, but I wasn't going to make any plans. The weekend just unfolded into this fabulous list of great things.

Friday night, Spencer invited me to stay with him at this big house in the country, just off of the George Washington Parkway. It was set in the woods, and we got to dogsit this amazing little doggy! We stayed up watching idiotic tv, and I totally schooled him at Connect 4. The competition was fierce to decide who the dog loved more, but in the end, Spencer was the clear winner. In the morning, I made a big breakfast and we took the dog for a walk through the woods and found giant bamboo walking sticks.

We both left the house at 11am and I headed over to the Alexandria Black History Museum. I spent the hour reading up about the history of African Americans in film, and reading up on the history. I bought a bunch of post cards of influential figures to show my class on Monday and headed home.

Then my roommate Sarah and I decided to go to lunch at Chipotle and then drive into the city to enjoy her little nieces who live just off Capitol Hill. They live a block away from Eastern Market. After visiting with the girls, who at 2 are soooo cute--we went over to the market. There wasn't a lot to look at since it was later in the afternoon, but I loved the electricity in the air.

I came home and then went to a great ward activity where we ate great food and I was able to get to know some great people in my ward.

After the activity, I randomly stopped at Payless and found the cutest pair of green shoes and a pair of black pumps!

Then my old friend Aja and her friend Chenasum stopped over. They stayed the night because they were leaving early for Dulles Airport. We had such a great time talking and laughing till midnight. I miss that girl so much! She is an incredible woman.

Today was Sunday, and about as low-key as i could make it. I got to spend time with my roommates, which is always a joy. And now I'm ready to hit the hay.

I wish I had taken more pictures, but hey--just imagine that everything was perfect and you'll have a good idea of what it looked like.


Crystal said...

How is Aja?! Is she liking business school?

Your weekend sounds like it was splendid. I love weekends like that. Hopefully spring weather will make an appearance soon and you will score more magical weekending!

I am so impressed your finals are written! WOW! When do you end? We end in the second week of April (as you know) but I am teaching a May Term class as well. Good for the bank account, but man... I tell ya. I am S-I-C-K. "good" sick, but still. Feeling like this every waking hour is really weighing on me and making me depressed. I am going to the doctor on Friday, but I am afraid nothing will really be done.

:D trying to keep smiling :D

Tide said...

You might be overweight.

Hannah S said...

um, do you know that person who wrote that comment?

I can't believe you lost 17 pounds! I want to get sick!!! I've actually thought a lot about that as my brother lost weight from being sick too. But then what I want is bulimia-and that is no fun either.
Who is this new "friend" you have wonderful evenings with?