Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March Madness

I love March.

March is the time when your tax refund magically appears in your bank account and the world begins to blossom!

Yesterday I went on a great walk with my roommate Clarissa down this fabulous path near our house. We walked through this great wooded area near a river, just enjoying the lovely weather.

Today I took a different path and wandered past these great big houses--through the woods again. It's so beautiful outside.

We performed for an alternative high school in Baltimore yesterday morning. It was a good show. I really like performing it. Afterwards we got to meet the kids, and they were very receptive. I taught my independent study student yesterday afternoon, then went for my little nature walk.

Spencer and I went shopping last night. I was trying to find some baby clothes to send to my sister. Little Konner is still soooo little! So I bought him socks and onesies and a cute new blankie. And Spencer bought me a beautiful Oscar de la Renta scarf.

We had great Mexican food for dinner--and frankly I just about died laughing too many times. After dinner, we went back to his place and he played guitar and I lounged in his candlelit room just enjoying the absolute presentness of the moment. I felt indescribably content. At about 2am, I finally packed it in and went home.

This blog hardly does the evening justice. It's just nice to be able to relax and laugh with a friend. I love it when you can be with a friend and not worry about anything. The silence was absolutely golden. I don't know how to describe it. I just had a really nice time.

And today, I'm trying to correct the research papers that my students have emailed me--but yahoo is being really slow. So I'm killing time typing a blog.

My brother Matt told me that they think he has a piece of metal in his stomach from his appendectomy this summer. He's had horrible stomach problems eversince. And he was back in the hospital last night after a bad reaction to percoset. I'm worried about him. But I hope that he'll be okay. He's had a rough year. I don't know what to do for him.

I should get back to grading papers and eating beef jerky. I love beef jerky!!

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