Thursday, March 27, 2008

Morning Gratitude

It's morning. I love mornings. I'm tired because I didn't go to bed as early as I should have, but I feel fine. I'm doing laundry because the washer is finally fixed.

The world outside is covered with wet from the rain last night. And just outside my window, the trees are finally starting to blossom.

It's so quiet right now. Everyone has gone to work, and I'll be getting dressed and heading off soon enough, but right now--I can just be.

I'm really grateful right now for everything in my life. There are some problems that I can handle, but I have a lot of blessings.

I am overwhelmed with worry for my friend Crystal. She's suffering from Lupus and she's pregnant. Please remember her in your prayers. She deserves all the blessings in the world.

Today I'm going to work on my audiiton for the Kennedy Center, workout at the gym, and go to dinner with my step-sister Emily who is in town working on a movie with Russell Crowe and Rachel McAdams. And then tomorrow, Spencer and I are headed to an island off the coast that has wild horses. When he brought up the suggestion of going to the ocean yesterday, I immediately began to cry. I can't describe how much I love the ocean. I'll try to put it into words after I get back. But in the meantime, just the thought of it makes me weep!

So, yeah--that's life today. It's good. And I really like it.


Ace said...

I hope your audition goes well. Break a leg, Evie.

Eve said...

Thanks Ace! I hope it goes well!

THiNK TaNK said...

Comments ARE awkward. but not leaving comments when someone's post feels good to read seems worse.

Eve said...

Did I say comments were bad? I hope I never gave that impression! I love comments! I just worry about responding to them. I never know if people will know about the response. I love comments!

Hannah S said...

Did you know that you can email yourself when people comment on your own blog? And you can email updates to up to 10 people when you post, and I can check it so that when you respond to my comments on your blog, I will get them? Also, i use a service called sub w/bloglines that lists all of my blogs (except the privatized ones) and it tells me when new posts arrive and I can immediatly click on it and view it. I've google reader is pretty good too. But you probably knew all that! Thanks for commenting on my blog though! It makes me happy :)
But...I loved this post bcse you are grateful despite your trials--something I need to work on. Plus, you showed pics of this Spencer friend! cute!
I am glad you had a good time at the beach! Love ya!