Sunday, March 9, 2008

my struggling little voice

I have always taken my voice for granted. It's always been there. It's been this amazing source of joy to me for so long. If I need to unwind, I'll turn on the radio, and so long as it's a song I can sing a long with, I'm a happy girl.

It's amazing how annoying songs become when you can't sing along with them. There are some pretty annoying songs on the radio. I have had this horrible cold/flu thingy since February 26th. From Feb 27th-March 1st, I lost 17 pounds because I was doing this cough/vomit thing. I haven't been that sick in ages. The cough comes and goes, but it's still unbearably violent.

Luckily, I've been able to perform in the show adequately enough for the audiences to at least hear me, but i can't use my voice to paint any sort of pictures. I have no nuances to offer. And I can't sing!!

So I decided to take this weekend to relax and I did! I shall post about my perfect weekend in another post--because it was lovely--and it deserves it's own post.

Despite my efforts to relax, I still couldn't sing in the choir today, (I'm choir president and we're singing next week.) And my friend Spencer is now officially worried that if I don't start getting better that I'm going to end up with vocal nodes. It's very disheartening. I can't sing!! It sucks!!

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