Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Yesterday I had a wonderful moment. I was driving to Bonny and Mike's wedding, set to arrive a good 30 minutes early--and I hit a major traffic jam on the beltway. This is nothing new--but I wasn't expecting it on a Saturday! So I thought I would be soooo cool and get off the freeway and take the backroads to the temple.

I got so lost. I can't describe how confusing the roads are here. I have a great sense of direction--but it was 11:30am so the sun was no help--the hills are just hilly and the roads like to turn for some idiotic reason.

I finally made my way back to the beltway--and realized I was in the exact same spot I had exited. I was ready to cry. I knew I was going to miss the whole ceremony. I got back on the beltway and the accident had cleared. I noticed a car in front of me that I knew was headed to the temple. I sped up and followed her path through the traffic, but despite my miracle leader--I got to the temple at 12:02pm and despite Mormon standard time--they actually run a pretty tight ship at the temple. I was sure I had missed my chance to attend the sealing. I wanted to cry. Despite all my prayers to help me to get there on time--I was going to miss the sealing!

But wonder of wonders! The bride and the groom were late!! So I didn't miss it! It was a beautiful ceremony. The man performing the ceremony cracked me up. He quoted Reader's Digest and kept calling Bonny, Nancy. I was cracking up. Bonny was the world's most beautiful bride. It was fantastic.

Today I taught Relief Society and Priesthood in a combined meeting. I was really happy with how it went. The main points that I wanted to hit on were these:
1) the words KNOW and the words LOVE are interchangeable. To know is to love--as we come to know one another better, we love each other more.
2) If we identify the attributes of Heavenly Father's love for us--we can seek to emulate those attributes as we strive to love one another.
3) Discuss the transforming power of Charity.

Everyone made wonderful comments. I LOVE TEACHING!!

Tomorrow I'm going to the beach!! And i promise that there will be no pictures!!


Connie said...

I love your lesson point about know and love being interchangeable. I have never thought of that before. That is a very amazing thing. I love your blog and reading about your life.

Crystal said...

I miss your lessons and your testimony all the time, Eve. You are a godsend. Notice the name of my blog? Life as a blissful dream? I got that from you in a testimony and it has stuck. Much like many, many things you have said.

Do you know where Bonny/Mike pictures might be? I would love to see. I have been sick for 6 days straight now. Migrane, racing heart, all the fun stuff. Yes, I am going to the Dr tomorrow- 3 pm sharp.

Jackie Rama said...

Eve, my dear Eve, you made me remember your AWESOME sense of direction. I never knew where the heck we were biking in Plano, but you had it down after an hour. I'm so glad to hear you're teaching and I'm so glad you posted those three points. They are really thought-provoking and gave me an opportunity to ponder, especially since I rarely get to listen to a lesson with a child on my lap!

Hannah S said...

How nice to have been able to make it to the temple "on time". So many sealings that I have been to we've had to wait bcse someone forgot their recommends and so they started late anyway.