Saturday, May 3, 2008

Today is a day. A wonderful day.

It started off with a conversation with a friend on the phone. Then I put on an old tee shirt and a linen skirt, hiked it up and laid out on the deck while reading the plays with Queen Margaret's character.

After falling asleep in the sun, I moved myself inside and continued to read inside (sleep). I slept on the living room floor until 3:30pm.

And now I am looking at the list of things I need to get done before next week, and all I want to do is sleep. We are starting a new residency in Maryland next week, which means I have to be in Maryland Monday morning at 6am. I'm still directing the after school program production at Cabin John, so I have to run over there after teaching at this other school. Then I have to run to my class in Falls Church and teach my Ethics class until 10:30pm.

This schedule continues throughout the week. It's exciting! And I love it so much! (Really--this isn't sarcasm!) I just need to go grocery shopping and cook some meals and make sandwiches, and prepare myself adequately. But all i want to do is sleep!

I'm not sick. I'm not depressed. I feel really good! Just tired.

Spencer pointed out yesterday as we crossed paths that it has been 3 days since we hung out. The only consolation is that he looks horrible and he misses me too.

I think he has much to do with my low-energy. The man is like a drug!! He has a friend in from out of town, and I think it's important to prove that I can live without him, since we're just friends.

Well, I'm finding it difficult. I realize that someday we're both going to get married and this friendship is going to take a backburner to those relationships, and so I'm trying to remind myself of the great life I have without him. And I do!

I am officially a pathetic loser. I miss my friend.

Done. I admit. I prefer my life when he's around. Done.


Jackie Rama said...

Your honesty is refreshing. Spencer sounds like some guy! I think it comes with the name. I almost named my son Spencer, but my husband said "no" because it was a reflection of what he considers a near-obsession with my favorite cousin named Spencer.

Eve said...

He's a great guy. I think I enjoy him so much more when I'm not wondering whether there could be more there or not though. And I do think the name has something to do with him being a great guy!! I love your blog by the by!

MissHeather said...

You are NOT a pathetic loser. You're normal. And guess what.... I have a good guy friend and I've ALWAYS had a crush on him.... and then I met Michael and got married.... and my guy friend and I are still SUPER good friends. It can happen. :o)