Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cast of Wild and Whirling Words

It's ME!
Spencer--and yes, he's laying on the swords. Lounging if you will. . . Truly a man's man.
Ariel and Bridget--posing beautifully for the camera. I love these girls!
Ariel and Spencer posing in the dip they do at the end of each show.

Spencer and Ariel do some incredible sword fights during the show.

So, our run comes to an end on Monday. So sad. I won't miss the 5am mornings, but I will miss hanging out with everyone. I won't miss the traffic. But I will definitely miss the Rockstar drinks and working with all the kids.

Adios Maryland Shakespeare!


Valerie said...

I thought I was the only person who loved Regina Specktor... and Ingrid Michaelson. Samson is my FAVORITE FAVORITE song... I love it! You are my sweetest downfall... should it be named... "Spencer." I miss you. I want to hear you sing The Promise.

Valerie said...

Actually, that was Valerie's mom. Valerie is signed into google apparently.

Eve said...

I love the Promise!! I want to put it on the list!!! And as for "Spencer"--who wouldn't want him? The man is hot! And such a good person.