Saturday, September 20, 2008

I need some prayers

One of my dear friends Crystal just had a baby boy Asher. He was born this morning after an emergency c-section. Asher Matthew Scott Croshaw. He's a cutie. 7 pds, 11 oz. He was born almost a month early and had to taken to UVA hospital because he's not breathing well. Crystal is at the hospital here in Staunton healing from the c-section and I think the separation is hurting her heart. I'm here with her daughter Valerie and her husband Matt is at the hospital with the baby. Please pray for baby Asher--but please pray especially for Crystal. Her spirit is hurting right now. She needs to feel strengthened by some prayers.

Thanks for your help friends of the blogosphere!!


Cellana said...

Crystal's delivery sounds all too familiar. Hazel was born three weeks early (which the doctors debated on whether it was 3 or 5 weeks early), she had to be sent to a hospital 30 minutes away and was on a ventilator for the first week of her life. Shane lived at her hospital. I don't know if it will help Crystal feel better or not, but what really helped me was to record a tape of me singing songs (primary songs in Hazel's case) and since I was very emotional sometimes on the tape I just talked. I wanted Hazel to know that I was still there and still loving her. When I was well anough to visit Hazel the nurse and Shane told me that when they turned the tape on for Hazel it was the first time her face relaxed and she looked at peace. Hazel is now a very spunky four year old! So, Asher (which is my all time favorite boy name that I will never get to use btw...Asher Ashby just well..yeah..) will definitely be in my prayers as well as Crystal.

Miss Heather said...

My heart always hurts when I hear about things like this. I'm sure everything will work out. They will be in my thoughts and prayers.