Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Story Time

The Fantastic Adventures of a Ford

Once upon a time there was a girl named Eve. It was 2001 and she had just gotten off a mission and needed a good car. She decided to buy a 1994 Ford Escort for $3,500.

This little car was wonderful. From 2001- 2008, it drove from Utah to Iowa and from Iowa to Virginia. The little hatchback hauled beds and a her entire household through countless moves. She loved this car. And at 36 mpg, the little Ford loved Eve. Sometimes it even got over 40mpg!

Sadly, the little car began to grow tired. It got a crack in the muffler, which is like a person getting throat cancer. She sounded like a Harley Davidson. She didn't have a/c--so things were a little uncomfortable. And finally today--the little clutch went out.

Magically, Eve's friend Bridget called last night out of the blue and asked Eve if she would like to go to lunch and a movie! The two friends met for Thai food in Old Towne and then Bridget followed the little Ford to the movie theatre. Just when the two cars were 1 block from the LDS chapel--the clutch went out. Eve knew what was happening immediately. She shoved the car into reverse and then through the car into 3rd and coasted into the church parking lot.

As though God knew Eve would need a friend at this sad sad time--Bridget was right there for Eve. She pulled up behind her in the parking lot. Eve smiled as she thought of all the other places the car could have died. She locked the car up and left it in the church parking lot and hopped into Bridget's car and then the two of them drove to the movies!

The End.

(Stay tuned for the next installment "Eve buys a new car!")


Melanie said...

Oh, bless your heart! That WAS fortuitous that you were near the church with a friend following behind. I hope you can find something else to drive that is as reliable as that little Ford.

Miss Heather said...

I'm so glad she was there with you!! And honestly, I'm so glad your car worked for that long. You are very lucky! I'm sure you'll appreciate a newer car now that you've driven something older for so long. (And I love you, just so you know... and apparently you're the ONLY one in my life besides Michael who understands my political beliefs... so THANK YOU!)

Alicia said...

You're hilarious. What a tragic story - the death of the escort! Funniest blog I've read all day. Thanks for that.

Sunshine said...

It's like suede on project runway. Suede always talks in the third person, so will sunshine. From this moment on sunshine will never refer to herself as me, but as her...

Sunshine likes Eve's story. Sunshine loves the car, and she totally loves Eve too...

Sunshine is thinking it is time to get off the computer... sunshine had a long day and is very tired.