Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My name

Popularity of names starting with GENESIS


Popularity of names starting with EVE


I think it's interesting to note that both of my names were not remotely popular in 1978. I believe Eve was at a big ol' 0. But, if I was born today--my name would be extraordinarily trendy! Well done Mom!! I believe I shall name my children something horrible by today's standards and it will set them up for their adult life! "Come little Icarus! Come Henrietta! Let us go to the zoo!! And bring baby Hagar! He doesn't want to miss the fun!"

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Miss Heather said...

I stole your political views from a few blogs before and posted them as my views on my blog. I believe in EVERYTHING you said and I couldn't have stated it better. :o) I hope you don't mind!!