Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This weekend, I moved. I had a lot of help, but it was still stressful. And I still have 3 large pieces of furniture to move and find a home for at the old house. I really wish it was over, but I'm so grateful for how smoothly things have gone so far.

I spent the day in between classes unpacking boxes and trying to find a home for my things in my new temporary abode. I feel like I live in a nice little hotel for a while I put off making any concrete decisions about where I am going to live.

I made a new friend of sorts. I've known him for a few months, but just over the last few days we've really spent some time getting to know each other. The more I talk to him, the more at ease I feel. It's funny because I feel like I'm an open book, but because the last few guys I've dated have been so closed off, I have learned how to be less open. It was really revealing when he called me on that last night. I wasn't sure how to react to it. I finally just said. "I'm trying, but if you can help me to open up and if you can be patient with me--I'd love to get past that." Hopefully that was the right thing.

He's really cool. And I kinda dig him. Then again, everyone's cool after a week. (Well, not really--but I'm trying to keep things realistic.) No wonder he accuses me of being closed off! Oh well. I can't help the lessons I've learned in my life!

If you run into me, and I'm smiling--it's probably because I just talked to him. And that's all I should say at this point.

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Crystal said...

You make me smile, Eve. I think after the last three years, I am and will be the most closed-off person on this planet, so I totally get what you are saying there. It is interesting though, I am sure as things progess normally, opening up and letting your guard down will, for certain, be easier.