Monday, March 1, 2010

Hyperbole and Jenny Lewis

Today I taught about rhetorical tools writers use in order to better describe things.

I taught them the term hyperbole. Hyperbole is the use of exagerration in order to describe something.

The example I used was as follows:

Your mama is so big, when she sits around the house, she literally sits AROUND the house.


Thank you.

And in other classroom news--my friend Chris introduced me to Jenny Lewis this weekend. I have been listening to her music all weekend. During a break in class, I played her song "Jack Killed Mom". (I know the title is horrible.) But the song!! Ooh de la lee!!! Incredible. My students luhhhhuved it. And if you already know how good she is and I am just the last person to get on this train--good for you. But if you haven't discovered her beautiful heart pumping southern rock magic--then get yerself on itunes and download yerself some Jenny Lewis!


Elneeta said...

I think this shirt is appropriate for the subject at hand:

Eve said...

I don't believe I know you Elneeta. Introduce yerself friend!

Elneeta said...

Hi, my name is Elneeta, and I am a blogaholic. Actually, we may have met in passing sometime at the B-Y, but a couple weeks ago I stumbled on to your blog (I can't remember how)and have loved reading about your adventures. You are a kindred spirit and we have a lot in common, something I don't have too much of with friends here in AZ.

Melanie said...

Jenny Lewis is in my top 10 favorite artists. Genius. We need to compare music notes soon.