Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Morning Musing

A new quarter has begun! Every ten weeks, one quarter ends and another begins. The last week of the previous quarter is pretty much like running around with your head cut off. I have to finish grading papers, submit all my grades, and prepare a syllabus for each upcoming class.

And I'm done! Unlike regular schools, I don't get a week off to accomplish these tasks. It gets a little hairy.

In addition to grading, I had to give a workshop teaching all the professors how to design and create a hybrid classroom. I worked all week to make sure that things went smoothly. Each professor needed to have instructor authorization, etc. It was a bit of a headache prepping for the day, but after the workshop everyone had completed the task of building a course shell.

And now it's Monday morning after this week of heinous craziness.

My first class for this quarter starts tomorrow evening at 6pm. I'm sitting in my skivvies under a blankie on the couch, sipping a delicious chocolate shake, relishing in the stress-free morning.

Things are still going wonderfully with Chris. I have been afraid that we will run out of things to talk about, but every night it gets harder and harder to stop babbling to each other about the nature of the universe and about every crazy aspect of life and death. He continually amazes me.

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