Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Thank you Teachers!

Daniel is finishing kindergarten this week.

His grandma had a wonderful idea to give his teachers a little pot with seeds and a cute poem.

She came over Monday night and helped Daniel to paint the pots. After painting the pots, she painted Daniel! He made a beautiful hat and she fitted it perfectly to his head with a square dart. Because she's magical like that. His other Mimi (my mom) gave him a bug collecting watch where he can carry around ladybugs on his wrist. (Thanks mom! Love you too!)

The next day Daniel wrote a sweet note. (He's concentrating. I swear he tore up three drafts before he finally got it finished. He proclaimed to me, "Mom! I discovered this cool thing where I can do an X where I make a mistake!! And then I can just turn it over and start over!!" He's not a perfectionist at all....)

This smart, creative, talkative little boy learned to read this year! He learned to count to 100! He counts by 5s and 10s too! He loves exploring and reading and learning. And it is because of the kind and patient work of teachers.

Thank you!

 This is a picture of Antonio, Daniel, and Atticus waiving good bye to Grandma after a wonderful evening!

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