Monday, November 24, 2008

conflicting emotions

It could just be that I was really tired, but yesterday I felt very conflicted.

The show went wonderfully. My goal was to give the volunteer actors a wonderful experience and help them to come closer to God through the arts.

There were no fights, no divas. Everyone supported everyone and we had a great feeling among the cast members.

Thursday night's dress was off--but considering we weren't able to rehearse the show all week--that was to be expected. And they were nervous.

Friday night's opening was incredible.

I would prefer to give actors the confidence to move and shake their thing however they please. They moved and they shook--and I cracked up. Lysander and Demetrius added a Michael Jackson dance off to their fight. The fairies added a "Too Legit to Quit" rap section to the fairy dance. I just sat and howled with the rest of the audience. I was so happy that they finally took the show into their own hands.

Actors and the show--GREAT!!

Audience--not great. People didn't come and get their reserved seats. We had half houses when the tickets were sold out all three nights.

The 2nd counselor in the Stake Presidency's opening speech went something like this: Let's remember the parable of the talents. Some of us have a lot of talents--and some in the show don't have very many talents--but we're here to support everyone.

As Jonathan--the guy playing Bottom--said later, "For a politician--he gave a pretty crappy speech."

I got comments like, "That was so much better than I expected!" What do you say to that?!

"Glad we didn't suck--like you thought we would!"

One girl came up to me yesterday at church and said, "I went and saw two shows yesterday, and I just want you to know that your show was better than the high schools show!"

Better than high school? Wow. I'm not sure what to do with that.

We had a great show. I'm just miffed that people were so surprised.

But, beyond their surprise--the real mood killer was when people came up said, "Congratulations! Bet you're glad it's finally over!" Translation--I didn't see it.

My response: "Yeah, it was great! Sorry you weren't there! Hope your team didn't get slaughtered!"

To my out of town friends, I am grateful for your phone calls and support about the show. I know you would have come if you could.

To my friends who were in town (within 15 minutes) and didn't come--you are poo heads and I fart in your general direction!


Sunshine said...

Oh my heck....hold on...catching my breath... "you are poo heads and I fart in your general direction..." .... ah ah ah ah .. that's great!!!!

I just love you! I wish I was 15 min away and I would have come and seen it. That's just freaking awesome! Glad it went better than the dumb politician. Really, some people are so...DUMB!

Sunshine said...

Oh, and I think I really like the word poo head. That is what the stake president was a big fat poo head that stinks...

Eve said...

Well, at least he came! I just have to remind myself of that. But people seemed to be doing us such a service--and then they were surprised that they had a good time! I am concerned at the lack of priority arts has in the lives of LDS peeps these days. It's a busy world, but life has to be about more than just making money, eating, and socializing.

Michael said...

You know what parable I like to remember?

That when saints dedicate themselves to something for several months, love, sacrifice, stress and strive, then in the end collectively get on their knees, take zero credit for the product, and give the honor to the one who gave us the chance, that those saints can accomplish anything…

Eve said...

Who is Michael? And what exactly are you trying to say?

Sunshine said...

I think Michale might be a poo head too! :}

I think it was also the Lord that said you should be pleased with a job well done. Obviously Mr. Poo Head doesn't know Eve, because if he did, he would understand what she was saying.

Poo Heads, Poo Heads, icky, sticky poo heads...I fart in your general direction...

No hard feeling Michael PooHead :)

Miss Heather said...

Poo Head is my favorite saying... I call Mike a poo head all the time! And I truly am so proud of you and I know you did a great job. And I would have been there if I could.

Eve said...

Michael Poohead isn't a poohead at all! He was in the play!! And now his words make total sense! You see my dear friends, what wonderfully humble and amazing people I got to work with.

Sorry my friends implied you were a poo head. You're anything but Michael!

And the Stake presidency person isn't a poo head either--he just didn't know that we could be so great! This really was a lesson in faith. The cast was talented--but we were truly blessed by the Lord. It was miraculous.

Sunshine said...

Okay, I retract my statement. It sounded different..but because Eve says your not a poo head, then, your not! (What is this, like my 10th time on here)