Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Election Day pics

This is me on election day. I'm wearing all red white and blue. I have had 4 hours of sleep. As I take this picture, I'm tired from knocking on doors and making sure people have rides to the polls. I had such a great time talking with people today and making new friends.

And let's be real--I got to take some gorgeous pictures! These pics are all within a 1/2 mile radius of my house. If you ever want to come and visit VA--and you do!!!--come in the fall.
Here's the place!
A little stream around the corner from the polling place.

My polling place is on this street. I had to pull over and take a few pics.


Miss Heather said...

GORGEOUS! AND I'm so in LUST with Simon Baker from The Mentalist. It's my new favorite show. :)

Eve said...

You and me girl. I'm kind of broken hearted that the show isn't on tonight. Then again, the election . . .oh who am I kidding!! We could totally afford an hour break from all of this. The news is torture right now!!