Monday, November 24, 2008

Gratitude for Midsummer

Those of you who have been in plays know that normally you rehearse every night of the week before you open a play. We literally rehearsed on Saturdays. That's it. Some of the actors would get together and rehearse by themselves during the week--but we rehearsed as a cast once a week.

We did 1 dress rehearsal thursday night, and then everything miraculously came together over the weekend.

I felt my heart explode with love for the cast and for Heavenly Father for blessing them. Saturday morning I woke up early and went to get them some food for inbetween the shows. I came to the church early to set things up and found myself with some down time. I went into the chapel and just began to cry. I was overwhelmed with love for the cast and with gratitude to Heavenly Father for allowing them to have such a great experience, despite the fact that we only had 10 rehearsals. It was a miracle, and I am grateful.

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Sunshine said...

Seriously, somehow we are living parallel lives. I didn't do a play, but we had to practice for a performance that I didn't feel ready for.

And, I too, have shed some tears of gratitude for the Lords tender mercies. For his wonderful guiding hand in all things. Tomorrow should be a good day. Hope things are better for you!