Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Final Election Day Post

I sat in the parking lot tonight and cried listening to U2's "In the Name of Love". The radio stations have been playing great election music all day long. I'm overwhelmed by this election.

Virginia has been a red state, and today 1,698,318 people voted for Obama in Virginia. 1,580,245 voted for McCain.

I should be listening to Obama's acceptance speech. I'm tired. I'm overwhelmed and happy.

I am saddened by reading such ignorant drivel as "Obama is the anti-christ" from latter-day saint people who should know better. I am very happy that Senator McCain isn't a representative of such hateful comments. I was very impressed with his concession speech.

Earlier this year some of my African American students expressed fear in hoping for Obama. They were afraid to hope for such a miracle and therefore held back their hopes. I get choked up imagining the bitter cement in their hearts cracking open tonight.

Tonight is a miracle and if anyone out there tries to sully this miracle by suggesting that my president is anything but a good man striving to serve this country--just as McCain, Romney, and Hillary Clinton all are--I will feel sorry for you. And that, my friends, has to hurt coming from little ol' me.


Miss Heather said...

I am very emotional and happy tonight. I was very impressed with Senator McCain tonight... and Obama's speech was simply wonderful. This election meant more to me than any other ever has. I'm so thankful to be American and to have shared this amazing journey with you.

Crystal said...

I did not vote for Obama, but I have this amazing sense of love in my heart for him and for the amazing people of this country who elected him! I am a bit concerned about "some things" BUT I can not help but want to be better, do better and strive for perfection when I hear him speak, so he can't be all that bad, right? Besides, the country was in really great shape the last time a democrat was president. I just feel badly that he is getting this country while it is in such a mess with the wars, the economy, unemployment, etc...

I thought of you last night was happy for you and that my daughter is knowing few "lines" than I did at her child. It really is amazing really. I bet all the rednecks are ticked off today!

Crystal said...

PS- I did not vote for McCain either. Just to be crystal clear (and what other kind of clear could I be?!)