Thursday, November 13, 2008

The things I am looking forward to most

How did I miss this opening? I swear it's not out yet, is it?

Oh good grief, am I that out of it?

I'm sick. I'm kind of overwhelmed thinking about all the things that I should be getting done in preparation for the upcoming quarter. But, all of it will come together. It's gonna be great. As soon as Midsummer is over--I will have all the time in the world.

We built columns out of styrofoam wreaths and string the other day. It's awesome. And cheap!

Well, I should get back to torturing my Ethics students with their midterms.

So--things I'm looking forward to most:
1) Having time to get work done
2) Having time to watch this movie!
3) Coming to Utah for 3 weeks in December!


Miss Heather said...

Quantum doesn't come out here until November 21st.... but I'm not sure about where you are. Sometimes we get movies after other people. :) It comes out the same day as Twilight. ugh...

I love you!

Eve said...

Yes--well, in making this horrible choice--I prefer to lust after men who look older than 18. So I'll be watching Daniel Craig. But have fun with Bella and Edward!