Monday, February 8, 2010

I hate snow.

I am now officially sick of the snow.

It's very pretty. There. I said something positive.

I decided to adventure out and see how the rest of the world was doing. (I've been trapped in my house since Friday. I did some shoveling yesterday, so I've been outside--but I haven't been out of the neighborhood since Friday morning.)

I put on my boots, my scarf, my jean jacket, my green coat and my striped gloves. One glove is green and blue, and the other is black and white. I knew it was a good idea to get an extra pair of gloves! I grabbed the top of the yellow broom and used it as a walking stick. I made my way through the ice and slush. I passed a few brave cars and other pedestrians. I passed Angelina's SUV. It's stuck. There's no way to dig it. You can't fit a shovel in between her car and the car next to hers. And the biggest problem--there's no where to put the snow! The yards are packed with giant drifts.

The snow was melting into gigantic puddles and drifts, but I felt like a great adventurer with my yellow walking stick. I happily bought some eggs and milk.

Then I walked home.

It was a lovely adventure.

I am so sick of being here!!!

I don't know whether I need to be at work tomorrow or not. I can make it out if I need to, but it's not safe. And tomorrow we're getting another 10 inches of snow! So yeah. . . .

Not. Cool.

Luckily the power only went out for a few hours Saturday night.

I need to get a plan together for tomorrow's classes in case we're canceled again. I need to email students lectures and their midterm. Uggh. Too much of a headache!

But in other news, I've kept it together with this new eating less thing and I've lost a total of 8 pounds. This is good. More than anything though, it's starting to make a difference in my clothes.


Crystal said...

There. I said something positive. BWAH HAH AHAH HAH!! There IS a formula to complaining, isn't there?!


I did as you suggested and gave my students an assignment online last night. The problem with tomorrow's classes is that they are all labs! Ugh!

Eve said...

I don't know what to tell you! If I taught Science, I might have a brilliant solution--like some lab thing that they could do at home--but I'm out of ideas. Tonight's class is going to miss for the second week in a row. I feel horrible! I hate this! But luckily, most of the students showed up for Ethics this morning.