Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Self Portrait

My hair is in a low pony tail. I did wash it this morning.
My eyes have a dark ring of eyeliner and mascara--but it's covered by my purple and turquoise rimmed glasses.
My lips are chapped and ready for more chapstick.
I have 6 zits spread sporadically across my face.
I'm wearing little diamond studs. The same ones I've worn for the past 3 weeks.
I'm sitting in a long wool swing coat with big buttons. Only the top button is done up.
I have a nice pink and black shirt on--but you'll never see it because wearing the coat gives me access to warmth and large pockets--both of which I appreciate right now.
I'm wearing a long black skirt that comes just above my ankles.
I had planned to wear my black leather boots, so I put on two mismatched black trouser socks--one long and one short. At the last minute, I decided that I did not want to wear long leather boots--but that I would prefer to wear my black and white airwalks with flourescent pink hearts.

I'd take a picture, but you get the gist.

1 long sock, 1 short sock sticking out from underneath a long coat and a fancy black skirt.

I look like a bag lady.

And that would be my day.

Other than that--things are great!

I have a massive headache from not eating sugar, but after a weekend of projectile vomiting--I've decided to try and ween myself from all unhealthy foods. It's easy to do this when the thought of eating again makes you want to--well, projectile vomit.


Crystal said...

I was thinking that you looked good today, Evey. I barely ever wear matching socks. It frees me up to worry about things that REALLY matter. I love that I can really not worry about mismatched socks and you are the same. Matt would never, ever, EVER leave the bathroom with mis-matched socks. Valerie wears mis-matched socks too... We are not quite to uptightish.

I do, however ONLY put matching socks on Asher... but then again, I buy socks specifically to match his sleeves that match his pants that match his hat because he is a baby and I get to dress him however I want. When he is older and in polos and jeans, I will let him in on the big secret, "It is ok that your socks to not match."

Love ya girl~!

Eve said...

You crack me up! Thanks for the comment! I love hearing from you! and I love oggling your cutie patootie baby. He's so stinking blond!! The thing that kills me, is that I was doing so well. I had a very professional looking outfit on, right up to the point where I was going to walk out the door, and then I ruined it by wearing sneakers--well airwalks. Tennis shoes are fine--but with a fancy outfit--not.so.much.

I love you too sweetpea! Enjoy this fun snow!!