Monday, February 15, 2010


I am moving.

I have loved this beautiful house.

I lived with wonderful people and we had a ball. From giant Thanksgiving dinners with over 40 guests, to sleeping out on the deck when the power went out and it was just too hot to sleep inside!

I lived here from August 2007 to Feb 2010. That is a LOOOONG time in Eveyland.

But I find that moving is a necessary part of life. I like the purging that comes with moving. It is a great new adventure that requires me to step beyond my comfort zone. I love conquering new ground. In my life I have moved a lot. I like it. I like finding the new grocery store, finding the best routes to work, the gym, the drycleaners.

What's horrible--I live within walking distance of the grocery store, Chipotle, a great Thai restaurant, the drycleaners--etc. And I'm leaving this beautiful place!!

But--I need the cleansing of a move. I need the sanctification of a move.

So on Saturday, I'm moving to a new place with all new challenges. And hopefully a nearby Thai restaurant! (I'll still be in the DC area--just a different town.)

Goodbye Westmore place! (I'll probably write another ode to this place.)

Hopefully, the best is yet to come!


Crystal said...

It IS fun~ I know you have loved your house and roommates. That is always the strangest thing about moving- leaving people you like behind.

Are you going to be in the same ward? If so, that will be good- to still have some familiarity. If not, that will be good to make some new connections/new calling/new... things.

I have no plans to leave, but this does not feel like where I will be for 20 years, you know?

Anyway. It will be good. I wish I was closer and could help out!

Smashie Smasherton said...

We really DO live parallel lives. I could basically copy-and-paste this entry into my blog, as it encompasses much of the sentiment I had about my move. And what a weird coincidence, my move into and out of my place were exactly one month before yours! I too love discovering my new neighborhood. And I'm pretty pleased because I have TWO Thai restaurants to try out!

Eve said...

Smash--I just read your blog about watershed moments. I love it! Now I wanna try and identify watershed days. So brilliant!