Tuesday, July 27, 2010


One week ago, I told Chris I was done.

During the past week, I have learned one thing about myself and my interests:

After being with Chris, and "talking" to a couple other guys last week--I will be content with only two scenarios.
a. I want to be with Chris.
b. I want to be alone.

Conclusion: Other guys suck.

All last week, I was making peace with the idea that things with Chris were over. I cried. I pondered. I prayed. But mainly, I felt peace. I was very sad that I felt peace with an ending that painted Chris out of my life. But, peace is peace.

I wouldn't let myself believe that anything could change. It just seemed too much to ask for.

I love Ingrid Michaelson's music. I listened to all of her "angry--it's over" music. I avoided listening to songs filled with hope, because I didn't want to get my hopes up.

Sunday I went to church and listened to a talk on relationships. Tears welled. I tried not to listen. I tried to numb myself. I don't encourage playing games on the phone during church, but I just needed to stop thinking. Bejeweled saved me from the pesky thinking thing.

On the drive home, I let a happy Ingrid song sneak into my ears. I even let myself sing along.

I never really revealed the reason why things ended. I'll give you a vague overview.

Chris told me some things that were deal breakers.
I believed he told me these "deal breakers" because he wanted me to end things. Even though I ended it, I believed that he wanted me to end it. That doesn't exactly make me a heartbreaker.

Sunday night, Chris and I talked.

The dealbreakers are gone. My reasons for ending things no longer exist.

And guess what? He totally digs me. He was as sad as I was last week! Maybe even more so.

Time apart was good. I learned a lot of great stuff about myself. I learned that if things end, I will be just fine on my own. And I learned that I would soooo much rather make things work with Chris than be with someone else.

Here's the little song that I didn't want to let myself listen to. It puts me in a very good mood now.


Salmon Tolman Family said...

so glad to hear it! all's well in the world once again! i can't wait to see what life has in store for you, marvelous and wondrous Eve!

Alisha said...

Goodness, Eve. I read this and all I could think was, "Well, OF COURSE he digs you. Who could resist your charms?"
Glad to hear things are on the upswing. <3 you.

Alicia said...

I love you. You're amazing. So candid. You have such a way of expressing your emotions. It's great. I'm so happy! I'm glad that you guys talked and he found you irresistible. That was it, right?

Smashie Smasherton said...

I have avoided listening to that very Ingrid song for the same exact reason!

The Three Amigos said...

Fantabulous! XOXO