Friday, July 2, 2010

"Movies of Meh" or "An Ode to Two Hours I'll Never Get Back"

The week started with a lovely dinner and movie with a lovely friend.

The movie was meh.

It was so hard to make myself laugh.

I hate comedies that aren't funny. Luckily, we watched a preview of the new Will Ferrell buddy cop movie coming out later this summer, so I had a nice chuckle during the previews.

And then the laughs stopped and it just got awkward.

I hope someone finds something to love about this movie, but for me it earned a big ol' Meh.

Yesterday afternoon, I had some time to kill in between classes. No time to go home--and I wanted to chill in the movie theatre. I tried sleeping in my car, but a panhandler came knocking on my window while I was parked. Sooooo . . .

I went inside and chose to see Eclipse. I chose it of my own free will.

I thought it would be fun to see how they brought it to life.

I am sure that many people loved this movie, but I was so bored.

I'd go into why I was bored, but I just don't care. Meh.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this exciting installment of Meh. I will write about exciting things later. I hope you enjoy truly a truly unmeh 4th of July weekend!


Sunshine said...

Ha ha! Thar first one looks definitely meh.. Eclipse I liked but saw at midnight and had my own running commentary throughout the whole movie.

My favorite comment was when the Voulturi (Jane and friends) came right after the battle and the newborns were on fire and everything was all serious and in slow motion I piped up with... "welcome to our bbq. Would you like a hot dog?"

And then I said something about Victoria, and probably Jacob and all that! I had fun, see you should have come with me.

Eve said...

So true! It would have been so much fun to go with you! I needed more shirtless Edward. Not one scene!! Such a betrayal...I have needs people!

Miss Heather said...

I'm sure Eclipse sucked... I have no desire to see it... but don't see The Last Airbender either... it's definitely a "Meh" movie...