Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thoughts in the Middle of Moving

I'm leaving for Utah in just a few hours. Well, in about 13 hours. I have packed my car to the hilt. I'm still packing, but I'm actually kind of good at moving.

I will drive to Chicago tomorrow and pick my Mom up, and then we'll drive together to through Iowa and on to Utah. It should be pretty easy.

I'm sweaty and tired from hauling stuff out to my car and out to the garbage, but I might be on the home stretch. (I tell myself this, then I look around and realize that I'm not even close.) I really hope I'm gonna be able to fit everything in my car. The trunk is stuffed to the brim.

The last thing to pack is the router/back up drive. I love this thing. Without it, I don't have internet access. I'm going to stay with my parents, who don't have internet access, and then my grandma, who also doesn't have internet access.

Also, I have no earthly clue if I'll get paid next week or not.

Yeah, it's a little scary. But, everything is gonna be fine. I think I'll wait until 2 am to pack to the router.


Alisha said...

When you are in Chicago, you must, if at all possible, go see something at the Lookingglass Theater Company.

Literally the best theater I've seen in years.

Bri said...

I am really going to miss you.

Eve said...

Awesome! I would love to check it out Alisha! Bri--I will miss you too. Please come out for Christmas. Please oh please!

Bri said...

This is becoming an ever increasing possibility! I need to check my finances next month and see how much tickets are but I do think it is a go!

Eve said...