Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Really Blessed

I've known that I needed to leave DC for the past year--well--I've known that I needed to make a change for a year. I've explored all sorts of options. And I'm happy with the choices I've made. It's pretty set in stone.

BUT--during the last little while I've spent time with friends from all over the country. It has been such a joy for me.

As sad as it is to leave--these friendships have continued and WILL continue forever.

I know this because this week I've spent time with friends from Iowa--the lovely place I left 6 years ago--and I have evidence that true friendship continues on, regardless of location.

I just want to outline the awesomeness of the last few weeks. I'm going to put names and places so you can see how distance doesn't stop friendships from thriving.

end of June: Christina (Alexandria) and I went searching for a beach. And she took care of me when I was falling apart. She called and invited me to church when I wasn't feeling really swell about anything at all.

July 4: Bri (Charlottesville) came to town! We danced like crazy girls at two concerts and with the Hare Krishnas! (And Christina came too!!)

July 9: I went on a cruise with the Potomac Midsingles and got to know so many great people better--including a new friend Amy! (Alexandria)She was a sailor! She's lived on a boat! I am so impressed. I got to spend time with Amy, Stacey, Mikey, Christina, Darla, etc. Speaking of Darla--she's amazing.

July 11: I sang at the Potomac Conference Sacrament meeting with Patty and Stacey. It was so wonderful to share my talents with such amazing women. (Alexandria)

July 12: Mike (Rockville) came over helped me load all my stuff into a semi. Then we went to lunch. He is such a great guy. I am overwhelmed by his willingness to give. And he teaches me so much.

July 12: I went to see Crystal and Matt (Harrisonburg). I love this family so much. She is such an intelligent and resilient woman. She isn't afraid to look at things with clear eyes and work hard for real happiness. I love this woman! She's brilliant and spiritual.

July 13: I went to lunch with Leiza (St. Louis)--my old roommate from Iowa City. After 3 years, nothing has changed. She is still so sweet and so generous. I was amazed at how my heart swelled with love, despite the years apart.

July 14: I spent the afternoon lounging with a very sick and pregnant Clarissa (Burtonsville, MD). I can't describe how much I love this girl. She has more integrity than anyone I have ever met. She is too good for this world, but I'm so happy that she's here among all of us mortals.

July 17: Bri and Davon (Charlottesville) came up again and we went to see the monuments with another new friend Adam. It was so fun frolicking among the monuments late at night under the half moon. Bri and I stayed up until 3 gabbing about God, science, love, and life in general.

July 18: Marcia (Arlington) came over and we made cookies! We also talked about God, love, life...I am amazed at her strength. She talked about what a joy it is to live life. We talked about how blessed we are, and how frustrating it is to hear perfectly blessed people complain about what they don't have instead of thinking about all the blessings that we do have. It's easy to have this conversation when you're laughing and eating amazing cookie dough!

July 19: I went to visit Robin and Carl (Iowa City)and their cutie pie boys from Iowa. It was hours of great spiritual, political conversations, intermingled with feeding cute babies and tickling cute little boys. Not to mention a tasty beef stroganoff.

Over the past two weeks, Clay (Oakton) has been in town. Every night, we gab about life and he listens to all my frustrations and I listen to his. It's been a joy. He's a good guy. He's very protective of me and it's nice to see how much he care for me as a friend.

And of course, I've been gabbing with Chris (Salt Lake City)every day. It's so fun to hear his adventures. Granted, the more you care about someone, the more they can drive you crazy. But despite his ability to make me both crazy happy and just plain crazy--I have a great time with him.

I feel so incredibly blessed. And the last few weeks have been evidence of those blessings. I am excited to see what will come. I'm going to miss being close to my friends in DC, but I'm not too worried. True friends defy borders and distance.

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