Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Football Town

On my way through the midwest, I saw signs for South Bend, Indiana.

As a football fan, I thought it would be great fun to visit the home of Notre Dame and
the College Football Hall of Fame!

While driving around town, I saw this beautiful river running through the middle of the town.

In front of the College Football Hall of Fame is a large patch of artificial turf.

I wandered across the turf, letting my feet bounce along the surface. Flags from all the college football teams surrounded the turf.

Across from the Hall of Fame was the nicest little chocolate cafe. I sat and charged my cell phone while I nursed a tasty hot chocolate.

Here's the man himself, Knute Rockne.

It was a lovely evening stop. South Bend is a great little town.

If you're ever passing through Indiana on I-80, plan to stop. It's worth it. Unless it's the dead of winter or there's a football game. Something tells me it's not quite so easy going and delightful under these circumstances.


CMS said...

The only think I recognized about this post is "chocolate cafe."

But I am really glad you had fun!

Miss Heather said...

You are so invited over to watch every college and pro game this season... we are HUGE football fans! :)