Thursday, August 5, 2010

Iowa Cuties

While driving through Iowa, I got to see my little cutie pies--Peyton and Michael.

Peyton said the funniest thing. He said, "I'm so smart because I can see Michael's eyes." I asked him to explain further. He said that he could see what Michael saw. I can't believe that a 6 year old is embracing the wisdom of an open perspective. Apparently, their father caught the two of them building a fort in their bedroom at 4 am this morning. I love these boys!

This is my brother Matt. He is playing Tom Sawyer in a professional production of 'Big River'. I'm so proud of him. We went to a rehearsal and watched him run through the song "We Are the Boys." He is a comedic genius! I can't wait for him to get famous! He's so good.

This little darling is Michael and Peyton's baby brother Will. If you'll recall, I visited when he was just a week old. I can't believe how big he is! Look at that drool! I love it. He's awesomely fat. Love that kid!

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