Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Saying Goodbye to DC

Before I get further into describing the trip, I should talk about the last week in DC.

I am overwhelmed by the beautiful people that I was able to meet there. Words will never be enough. It was such a beautiful time for me.

Saturday night, I went to dinner with some dear friends. I have such beautiful memories with everyone at this table.

Look at these two gorgeous peeps! I remember when I first met Clarissa 3 years ago. She took me in and we became fast friends. I thought to myself--why is this gorgeous girl single? And then Christian and his adorable daughter came along and the mystery was solved.

Here's Clarissa herself next to Mikey and Maryann. Mikey came out of his way by 45 minutes to help me load my stuff into the semi. He is always there when I need him. I hope to be like him.
All I have to say is Maryann is one lucky girl. And I like her too! It's good to see my friends with quality peeps. They deserve the best.

The grinning guy is Spencer. We went to a show at the Kennedy Center last year and enjoyed some fantastic philosophical discussions. His sister Marcia (sitting on the far left) is one of my most favorite people in the whole world. And Christina--on his right--Christina is my salvation. She's the type of friend that calls at just the right time.

Zach is a cutie pie that I completely crushed on when I first moved to DC--and for good reason. He is goodness personified. He is smart and kind and he oozes with generosity.

Erin is writing her second book. These aren't just any books though. These are important commentaries on important issues. She lives an amazing life, filled with wisdom and adventure.

This is Lorena, Jami and Zach.

Lorena and I were going to live together. I wish I had been able to take that opportunity. She is a nurse and a mechanic. She has a stunning voice and she is always ready and willing to share her talents.

Jami and I met when we were 12 when I first moved to Tremonton. She is an amazing musician. She teaches music in Alexandria. I am so proud to know her.

I loved DC. I adore the people that I met there. It is difficult to leave them, but I have no doubt that true friendship lasts forever.

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