Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Landscapes around Vernal

The Drive from Salt Lake City to Vernal is filled with some of the most beautiful vistas.

The land changes from Alpine forest, to red rock cliffs, to lakes, to green rolling hills, to desert plateaus--all within the 3 hour journey.

It's pretty mesmerizing.

I went to Vernal this weekend to visit my Dad's side of the family as we celebrated my Nana's 80th Birthday party. It was nice to be around family, albeit, a little overwhelming.

I don't really get a long with my cousins. I don't smoke or drink and I'm a bit older.
I was the oldest cousin, then a bunch of boys came along. Then after 10 years of waiting, Maren was born. After her birth, 3 other girls were born. These girls all get a long famously--but I hardly get along with teenage girls. Especially since they particularly enjoy partying. I can party, but these girls can REALLY party. They're beautiful women, but they see me as an old woman, and I can hardly blame them.

My Aunts are incredibly fun ladies. And I love my grandparents. So I spent the weekend hanging out with them. It was a nice time, and the scenery was gorgeous.

But...I'm different. I'm an active LDS girl. And everyone at the table--including my 15 year old cousin and my LDS Aunt, drank a White Russian with their steak at dinner. I sat there with my Diet Coke feeling particularly demure.

It's hard being so different when you're around family.

We should have so much in common, but we're all so different. And yet, I get my stubbornness and my boobs from my Nana. (I wish I had her legs too.) I get my red hair from my Aunt Nancy. I get my compassion from my Aunt MaryLou. I get my love for music from my Popop.

I love what I've inherited from these people.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with mixed feelings about family.

It's wonderful spending time with them, but I really appreciate my friends who have become family all that much more.


Bri said...

Oh, Eve. I know what you mean. I really do. It is so hard sometimes being the only one in the family who does things differently, and for the better, but has to put up with so much stuff because of it. My family often laughs at the things that I do when I go to visit. My scripture study, prayer, service, everything.

I am so grateful for my friends like you that have become my family as well! It is so nice to know people that have so much in common with me and have the gospel in their lives and make them my "family" too. I don't know what I would do without my chosen family, I really don't.

Eve said...

You are such a doll. Please come spend Christmas or Thanksgiving with me this year! You are my Thanksgiving buddy! We could definitely do another great big feast out here!