Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I am a Character

I've spent the day of Facebook looking at characters.

I am loving it.

I've been working too.... Good things happening at work... lest you wonder.

So here are some characters that define me, or who I aspire to be like.

Anya, dressed as a terrifying bunny in Buffy.  A powerful capitalist woman who loves with abandon.

Doctor Who's Donna Noble. The hilarious woman with beautiful dreams who has the power to save the world and doesn't even know it.

He's an adventurer! Without fear! Totally joyous!

Motivated beyond his measure. He loves cheese.

I want her power and drive. I love her face.

Because I am awesome with kids. And she's magical. And so am I.

I aspire to be this skilled.

But, of course, Mad Madame Mim has it all.

Today I am grateful for the many different qualities that make up the woman that I am, and the woman I aspire to be. I am also grateful for a slew of inspiration all around me!

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