Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Something Is In The Hot Summer Air

Yesterday there was a feeling of sadness in the air.

The homeless people were depressed.

One homeless lady came in the office with stab wounds.

Another homeless guy came in, heartbroken, and said, "I got some dust in my eye and I was weaving as I walked--so the police gave me a $300 ticket because he thought I was drunk." He wasn't. He's just old.

Then another man came in and said, "I'm just so sad today. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm trying everything and nothing is working." He is. He works so hard.

Another guy, "Workforce services wants my birth certificate!"  He's been here for 6 generations.

The heat is making people stir crazy.

The homeless people who come visit me are often the most optimistic people you could meet. They have to be. You can't survive this kind of life without some ounce of optimism. They don't have the luxury of crying into their pillows and lying in bed all day. They don't have beds!

So when the homeless are depressed, something is going on.

Just sharing in case anyone else is having a no good horrible day.

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