Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Reasons I Should Be Happier

So I just spent the last post feeling my pain....

But now I'm feeling happy.

And here's why.

1. I'm in a freaking movie! And it's awesome!
2. The Avenue Q cast performed at the Pride Festival right after Alex (Unique) from GLEE! And they completely killed it!!

3. I made a new playlist yesterday called Hiphop Love. It includes Robin Thicke, Macklemore, and some reggae. It makes me very happy.

4. At the dinner party, a few friends brought their kids over and the kids caught a little duckling!! I didn't touch it because I don't want rabies--but it was so cute to see the kids catch it! Let them get rabies--it'll be a growing experience for them. Kids like growing, right?

5. Despite all I had to get done yesterday, I totally rocked it! I got it done!

6. Even though I didn't walk Sunday or Monday--I walked for 2 hours on Saturday! Like a freakin' boss!

7. I'm eating strawberries. 

This isn't me sublimating my pain--this is my reveling in my joy.

Right now,  I'm grateful for Nas & Damian and really good summertime music.

1 comment:

Chris Taylor said...

Hi, Eve. I'm glad you're taking a moment to smell the roses. It seems that we all need to take a moment from our challenges, trials, and life's mundane necessary routines, to reflect on our successes and beauties that surround us.
Thanks for the reminder. Take care.