Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What a Girl Wants


I'm not feeling really great today.

So how do I turn things around?

I know why I've been sad. This is the same ol' same ol'. And focusing on this won't help me to move forward.

So where do I look? I have to look up. I have to look ahead.

I need to continue to enjoy life and to stop allowing these life sucking elements into the room.

I want uncomplicated, sweet, soul revealing, generous, sincere moments.

I want safe. I want giddy. I want comfortable.

I don't want to guess because I want to trust.

I want consistent and enduring.

I want grown up.

I want vulnerable and safe all at the same time.

Can you find that for me?

Cause that's what I want. 

Today I am grateful for my work, my friends, my car, my bed and fruit smoothies.

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