Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Yesterday, I couldn't wait to leave work to go and paint my new apartment.

I counted the hours.

But then when it came time, I was so scared.

I stood there in front of the wall.

I turned on my music and let it play on random.

Every song that came on gave me the courage to pick up the brush and start painting.

"Change" by Churchill
"Changing" by  The Airborne Toxic Event

--both had NOTHING to do with me painting a new apartment.

But they were upbeat songs with the word "Change" repeated over and over again.

And I loved it.

The rain began to fall loudly outside, and Bernadette Peters song, "It's Raining in My Heart" played in the background. Then the Andrew Sisters sang "Rum and Coca Cola".  I did not drink any rum or Coca Cola. 

I spent three hours painting and perfecting--imagining the ways I would be better in this apartment.

I feel like this move is giving me an opportunity to embrace a clean slate. I am going to create a colorful sanctuary.

Tonight I'm going to paint one wall in the bedroom and purchase curtains!

Today I'm grateful for paint and a fresh beginning. 

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