Friday, August 2, 2013

The People of Storage

Everyday, I meet new people coming to Salt Lake City for a variety of reasons.

These gentleman are here to play for the University of Utah Football team this fall.

 Michael Blackwood, Wide Receiver-Tanqueray Towns, and Receiver Geoff Norwood
Mike Sorensen at the Deseret News wrote a glowing article about Geoff Norwood last year. They're here for Football Camp!

When they came in they were tired and down. They had just lost a teammate, and another teammate is currently in critical condition. I asked how they thought they were going to do this year. They all gave me a weak smile and said that they had to have a winning season to honor their teammates.

Throw them some love when you go to the game! They are very nice guys.  

* * *

I was helping to get a nice family a storage unit, processing the paperwork, talking codes and phone numbers--and I look over and see these two little Dora lookalikes playing blocks with my packing tape! It was so cute! Who needs toys when you've got these super stackable rolly rolls of tape?

* * *

And finally, there's a HUGE Outdoor Living convention in Salt Lake City this week--so I've had people renting the cargo van as a rental car because all the cars are sold out!

It's such a joy to meet the people who see Utah as a hot destination!

And I get to live here!

(I bank just down the road from the Salt Palace--so I get to see all the pretty flags and pictures when conventions come to town.)

Today I'm grateful for my job that gives me the joy of rubbing shoulders with amazing people.

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