Monday, August 5, 2013

The Boxer

Once upon a time, I was at a rehearsal for a show.

At this rehearsal, I expected to find my cast mates hard at work building the stage.

Instead, I discovered that the show Carousel was headed in a whole different direction.

It's going to be incredible.

Carousel--the story of a young fighter--looking for inspiration as he starts his journey to the top of the light weight boxing division.

Finally--a play about boxing!

This is his charming sidekick--Floyd.

This is supportive younger sister Ruth. She hasn't told him that if he doesn't win the fight--they'll lose their family farm!

This is Lady Goldskirt and her assistant--Miss Bluepants. Lady Goldskirt holds the loan on the farm. She will stop at NOTHING to win their family farm!

This is the other figher--Yellow Thunder and his coach Super Stripe. Or Bob. Sometimes we just call him Bob.

The whole town will come out to see the event!

But there's a twist! Before the fight begins--a horde of ninja angels swoop in and hold the town hostage for their entire supply of green beans!!

You'll have to come out and see how the play ends.

Will Yellow Thunder defeat our hero? Will the Ninja Angels take everyone's green beans?

Check out this article on Carousel in the Deseret News.

Today I'm grateful for my camera phone, a boxing ring, and the cast of Carousel.


Joel Applegate said...

Ahem. You left. Out. The. Midgets.

Eve said...