Friday, August 30, 2013

Many Hands (The one where I use the word "Then" a lot)

I woke up at 9:55am yesterday. I knew it would be a long day and I wanted to get as much rest as I could. I had stopped packing at about 2 am--so it was a good 8 hours.

I felt ready to go. At 11am-Joe showed up ready to go.

We walked over a couple of boxes--and the parade began.

My new place is a walk away. No stairs--just down the path and across the small street.

Next, Ken showed. Instead of grabbing a box--he grabbed a couch.

So for the next hour, Ken and Joe just moved one thing after another.

Then Lyn came over and began carrying boxes too. But after a bit, she stopped carrying boxes and started organizing my clothes closet. She and Joe carried over my clothes and put them up in the new closet.

Then my dad showed up with water and popsicles for everyone.

And he started moving box and after box.

And Ken carried couches and cabinets and even my full cedar chest.

After a bit, I ordered pizza for everyone. We ate--and then got back to work. By the time the official move was supposed to start, everything was almost done.

That's when Arlen showed up. He helped carry over the last shelf and then I discovered a closet I'd forgotten about. He singlehandedly brought over everything from that closet.

Then Steve showed up and he and my dad brought over everything from the outside closet and loaded things in my dad's truck to take to storage.

Then Nancy came in put my shoes away and hung up my clothes. Then she organized my book shelf.

Then Emily and Brandon came over and helped me with my laundry and unpacked my kitchen.

The Shari came by with a housewarming flower. 

Then Bob came over with his drill and mounted my TV on the wall.

Then Dan came over and put books on the shelves.

Then Emily and Brandon made my bed with freshly laundered sheets.

I am so grateful for the friends who came by and gave of their time to help take the load off. I am overwhelmed with the thought of doing it all alone. I just don't have the ability. That kind of vulnerability is really frightening. I just remember standing in the empty, unpainted apartment Tuesday night and feeling this weight of all that I had to get done. And now, it's almost done!

I am in awe of my many blessings.

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Anonymous said...

love it! awesome Eve. I enjoy getting to know you better through your blog.