Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Conversation with Daniel yesterday morning:

Eve: Daniel we need to go. Come on!
Daniel: Don't you remember? I asked you not  to talk to me this morning.
Eve: Err ummmm
Daniel marches down the stairs out to the big rock. I march down to the car and drive through the gate. He hops off the rock and gets into the car. He puts his seatbelt on. I hand him a banana.
Daniel: Thanks mom!
I mouth "You're welcome."
We stop at the gas station. I hop out and fill the tank. I get back in the car.
Daniel: I love you mom!
I whisper "I love you too!"
Daniel: Why are you whispering?
Eve: Because you told me you didn't want me to talk this morning.
Daniel: Oh. I forgot.

Conversation with Atticus:

I take Atticus down to sit on the grass on her chain.

From the office, I hear a bark. I ignore it.

Five minutes later, I go check on her.

She's standing with her rope on her neck at my front door.

She's broken the chain.

She does NOT run off.

She does NOT come into the office.

She just stands there smiling. Very proud of herself.

I know it's entitled a conversation, but Atticus doesn't talk.

Conversation with Daniel:

Daniel: Mom, you're a liar.
Eve: Oh?
Daniel: Yeah. You said that we were going to visit Konner for a short time, but it was LONG!
Eve: Did you like visiting with Konner?
Daniel: Yes!
Eve: So, was it okay that it wasn't short?
Daniel: Yes, but you are a liar!
Eve: Okay, I'll try harder.

This is Daniel while visiting ducks after church. He is very happy. This is right after our conversation about how I am a liar.

Sunday afternoon, Daniel snuck off to his room for a bit. He came back and handed this to his father.

Yup. He's pretty much my favorite little 6 year old ever.

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