Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sometimes We Watch Movies (No spoilers here)

We had a lovely Father's Day weekend.

Because of our work schedules, bed times, and the fact that my dad works every night until 9 pm, we decided to go and see Inside Out Sunday afternoon as a family. After church. Sorry people who had to work to accommodate our family. Oh wait! My husband has to work Sundays too! (Not an excuse... I am spending way too much time justifying during this public confession....Moving on....)

Any whooooooooo...

I think it might be that I forgot to renew my anti-depressant prescription and I hadn't taken my happy pills for 3 days straight--but I started to cry the MOMENT I saw the happy little island during the short before the movie.

I laughed and cried through the whole movie.

I also kept turning to see what kind of reaction Daniel was showing.

More interesting than watching a movie--is watching a child watch a movie.

He reacted, but he didn't cry where I expected him too.

Later Sunday night, we sat on the couch, just me, Daniel, and Antonio.

I wanted to talk about Daniel's feelings. He's been so angry lately. I feel like the movie really points up that kids often hide their sadness with their anger and fear. I wanted to talk about it. I started by talking about the island and how it made me feel. Tears came bubbling up. I was laughing at how emotional I was being. I asked Daniel, "Did the movie make you sad too?"

And then big tears started to slide down his little face.

 He told us through his little sobs about how sad it was when (blank) happened. (Avoiding spoilers.)

I started to cry harder. "That made me sad too!"

Both of us crawled into Antonio's lap and this sweet man just held us as we both wept in his big comforting arms.

Antonio carried the crying boy to bed and held him until he fell asleep, while I finished the dishes.


Last night, we took advantage of $5 Tuesday and took Daniel to see another movie.

This time, we wanted to enjoy watching him gasp with joy.

In the car, we reviewed the names of different dinosaurs and he became progressively more and more excited.

I know.... Jurassic World is rated PG-13 and probably too violent....

I know....

But oh my gosh!!!

I had no desire to see this movie.

What I wanted.... was to see my 6 year old giggle, gasp and jump up and down clapping as he saw the dinosaurs!

It was incredible!

The child was in heaven.

I really wish I could have taken a picture of his face in the movie theatre.

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