Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We Are Weird. Three Stories.

Story 1:

Yesterday, because Daniel is a fish, he spent the majority of his day in water.

That is... until the very last part of the day... where he spent some time in straight up dirt over at his Grandma's house.

She has an awesome pile of dirt in her yard right now, and we found him rolling around in it while still in his swim trunks.

Best. Summer. Ever!

His dad joked that we were going to take him home and hose him down in the front yard and I got a BRILLIANT idea!

We came home and instead of taking a bath, we ran through the sprinklers!!

Problem solved!

Story 2: 

This morning at about 3 am, I got up to use the rest room.

Atticus had moved from her bed, which is over by Antonio, to the foot of the bed--about 3 feet closer to me.

I said, "I wonder why Atticus moved?"

From the bed, still asleep, Antonio said, "Why do birds fall down from the sky every time you walk by?"

I started to crack up. "Why?"

Antonio, still in some sleepy place, "Just like me, they long to be, close to you."

He doesn't remember saying any of this.

Story 3:

This morning Antonio made waffles.

Daniel immediately began eating before we could gather all of our plates, vitamins, drinks, etc.

Remembering a story that our friend Travis had shared, Antonio told Daniel that during the prayer over the food he would need to open his mouth wide, and look up to the sky so that God could bless the food already in his tummy.

Then Antonio said the prayer.

I sat there watching as this little 6 year old, who NEVER sits still during a prayer, sat still with his arms folded and his mouth wide while he looked up to heaven.

I couldn't keep it together.

This is my family now. We are weird.

And it is so much fun! 

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