Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Feeling Like Poo

Lately, I have felt poopy. Just tired and hot and allergic to the sweet flowers and grass.

I love my family and my dog and my life. But there's this thing about every day consistency. You really can't get behind. It all piles up and you just have to keep up with it.

I feel like I do really well for the most part. But it's like I have to relearn certain lessons over and over.

I feel better when I eat vegetables.

I feel better when I tidy up.

I feel better when I shower.

I feel better when I get to bed.

I feel better when I get up with enough time to take care of things BEFORE work.

This morning I remembered a few of those things, and lo and behold--I feel human again!

Also, allergy pills are awesome.

Here's a picture of me feeling poopy.

Wait! No! This is me with my favorite little niece Summerleigh on her first birthday!!

Here's another awesome picture of this cutie patootie!

And this is her fabulous older brother Kannon. He's a little rock star!

It's very hard to feel bad when your life is filled with cute little ones.

I love these little kiddos. They are delightful.

But still... I gotta eat more veggies.

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