Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Learning how to Scoot

Daniel got a scooter from his grandma.

He's been practicing on his scooter every day.

And every day he gets better and better.

He is bruised all over from the falls. But I'm really proud of him, because he hops right back up.

He is a determined child.

After one particular fall, he needed a little break.

I'm really proud of him.

He is enjoying learning.

After watching the video, we talked about putting more weight on the scooter itself.

He tried it and he got better!

Learning how to get up when you fall is one of the best lessons any one of us can learn in life.

I don't care how smart he is--I want him to learn how to keep trying. Smarts only get you so far. Hard work, tenacity, and bravery get you even further.

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