Friday, June 5, 2015

Graduation and Field Day!

 We had field day yesterday.

Field day is where teachers watch while parents organize a "fun" day outside with water and popsicles for 2 hours.

The kindergartners run from station to station.

Each station is a different water game.

Our station was called Drip, Drip, Drop. It was a watery version of Duck Duck Goose.

Have you ever played Duck Duck Goose for 20 minutes straight?

Do you know how long 20 minutes is to a kindergartner?

We had to play Duck Duck Goose or Drip Drip Drop with antsy kindergartners who preferred to be on the slip and slide for 2 hours yesterday.

It was a special kind of torture.

I am so sunburnt.

The pictures are of Antonio taking over because I was sick of it. You'll notice other parents watching in the background. None would rescue us from being in charge of the game though. None of them.

I feel the PTA has betrayed me.

Next year on field day, we're going to Lagoon. If I'm going to get sunburned, I am going to enjoy it!!

Yesterday, Daniel finished kindergarten! He loved learning with Mrs. Tapia! She is a wonderful teacher. You'll notice he is easily the tallest kid in the class!

He is wearing a cute tie that his grandma DeAnne gave him!

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Melissa said...

Aw yes, the special torture that comes from being an "involved" parent. :) I totally second the Lagoon idea! Why have I never thought of that as an alternative?!