Friday, April 12, 2013


I've been thinking about childhood lately.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday.

I decided to create something to commemorate the influence she has had through her choices to become a mother and the mother she was to us.

So I gathered a bunch of pictures of all of my mom and step-dad's kids at various points, and also some of the neighbor kiddos since my parents have become adopted grandparents to these cute little babies. I was home visiting once and this little 4 year old girl knocks on the door in her cute little night gown and says, "Can I come play on your piano?" They're adorable little replacements for the the fact that out of the seven children raised in their home, there is only one beloved little grandtyke.

I vacillated about whether or not to post this video. The fact is--it is particular to the memories with my mother--so it does not include pictures of my dad--though there are pictures of life with my dad too. It is particularly focused on memories built in and around my mother. And there are a lot of wonderful memories of the life she built for us.

I get a little vaklempt every time I see the video. Especially the last minute of it. It really isn't that interesting to anyone else--another reason I hesitated--but it's a reminder of the gratitude I have for the joyful memories of life with my mother and my wonderful step-father.

This morning, on spotify, I heard the song, "Return to Pooh Corner" by Kenny Loggins. I remember listening to this CD over and over again. As a child, the song is cute and fun. As an adult remembering, it moves me.

So another something to share:

I had a conversation with a good friend last night about the kind of childhood I want to create for my kids. I thought of my mom and how she would get up early and make delicious french toast, then she would come downstairs and happily wake us all up so we could enjoy a big breakfast together. We would read the scriptures around breakfast, and then we would head off for school. I want to do those things. I would actually love to homeschool my kids. I love teaching, and I would absolutely love to be able to take the time to really dive into learning with my children.

Like I said, lots of thoughts about childhood lately.

It's good to remember and it's happy to imagine.

Today, I'm grateful for my mom.

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