Friday, April 26, 2013

Narrowing It Down To Ten

The Best Things About Yesterday:

1. I made my bed.

2. I watched this girl's journey towards model stardom--(I couldn't stop!)

3. I got a box of these from Natalia for helping her with her hair.

4. I got to perform in this show.

With these people...

(this photo was stolen from JD Dumas' facebook page... because it's awesome.)

I wish there was more time to snap photos of cast members in their various costumes. I especially want a picture of Allen in his Satyr costume. 

5. During this particular performance, the audience had the treat of a hearing an especially drunk couple on the front row narrate their feelings towards the events, very loudly.

"AH! I'M GOING TO PEE MY PANTS!. No really, I am going to pee my pants."
Whenever Tyson, the drug dealing villain was on stage, they would boo him like they were at some melodrama.
After the laughter of the crowd had died down, the woman would pipe up.
"Oh God. That was good."

It was hilarious.

6. I got to hear a beautiful performance from this guy before the show while we worked audition pieces.

7. I enjoyed a great conversation about life, love, philosophy, and happiness during our ride down the mountain with this guy.

8. I watched the Project Runway Finale and saw this woman's amazing collection!

9. I had a late night conversation about love, life, and happiness with this beautiful friend.

10. And Finally...

I was overwhelmed with feelings of love for my family.

My cousins are in AZ with the grandparents and there is a lot of cute happening there. I can't wait to go squeeze these two!

I have so much. I am grateful for so many moments.

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