Saturday, April 20, 2013

Opening Night

We are up. 

Big sigh of relief. 

After celebrating a successful opening, Marissa, Natalia and I hopped in the same car and headed down the canyon. 

Three reds. 

The three of us are very different, but we're all gingers so there's a kind of sisterhood there. 

And we just opened a show together, so there's that bond. It's neat how a month of rehearsals can create a unique kind of friendship between people that ought to be strangers. 

Before the show started...

Marissa and I gathered round Natalia to help her with her hair and make up. 

During the show, Adan and Mark stood guard making sure that all the set changes went smoothly. 

JD led us all in a much needed warm-up. I can't belt the insanely high belt without his warm-ups. 

Willy did what he does best--taught us more choreography. The man LOVES to choreograph. It is his happy place. But it's the reason this show is crazy tight and entertaining.

As we got ready for the show, we compared Mindy and Ana's looks to Maggie Gyllenhall and Kim Basinger. Because the girls are beautiful. And so talented. The 4 members of the ensemble in this show work their cans off all night long. 

Tyson and I ran our fights and talked through some of the blood work. 

As I came upstairs, I took a moment to calm my nerves in the dark while Randy thanked the Egyptian's sponsors.  

I thanked Heavenly Father for the amazing opportunity to perform. 

Then I thought about all the cast members. My heart began to swell. 

I love performing. 

But much more than that, I love the people I get to perform with. 

I am so grateful for this cast and crew. 

We'll see you at the theatre!

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